Follow me… to Viva Las Vegas!

On July 30, 2016, I flew to Las Vegas, Nevada to support the Miss Virginia United States team at Miss United States and for my 21st birthday! It was suppose to be a 10 day vacation that ended up being an almost 2 week stay in Las Vegas. This was my first trip to Vegas, and it was definitely a trip to remember! The week started out being a pretty normal pageant weekend. We decided to branch out into Las vegas after and during the pageant week to really experience life in Vegas! During the 2 weeks, we got to visit Caesars Palace for their 50th year Anniversary, watched Miss Teen USA live from the Venetian, visited Hoover Dam, shopped at the Fashion Show Mall, visited downtown Las Vegas (Fremont Street) and so much more all while staying at the beautiful Palms Resort!



At the end of our stay, our flight was cancelled due to bad weather in Knoxville so we got to stay one more night in this exciting city! This was the night of my 21st birthday so we had dinner at Don Vito’s at the South Point Hotel where the airlines let us stay for the night!

vegs-2Everyone probably has the desire to visit Las Vegas and I am here to push you to do so! Vegas truly has something for everyone. Whether its for a weekend or for 2 weeks, VISIT LAS VEGAS!


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